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How many kinds of belt buckles are there? You know what?

There are several kinds of belt buckles:

Belt buckle, also known as belt head or belt buckle, is a hardware accessory at the front of the belt, which is used to decorate and fix the whole belt. The change of belt tidal current is largely caused by hooks and buckles. The shape and size of the buckle also show the charm of men. The pin buckle belt shows men's fashion and masculinity, and the buckle plate shows men's calm and rough.

Needle buckle: It can be divided into five categories: single needle buckle, double needle buckle, Japanese character buckle, plate buckle and automatic buckle.

Single-pin buckle: Black, chestnut, brown, Brown single-pin buckle belt matching suit without pressure, and attending leisure occasions is like a fish in water.

Double-pin buckle: Belt is more leisure, unless the color is particularly stable (such as black), it is not recommended to match double-pin buckle belt with formal dress.

Plate buckle: The belt made of plate buckle material has a strong local flavor, especially those golden plate buckles, which are favored by middle-aged uncles.

Automatic buckle: No holes are made in the belt. The back of the belt is the car's teeth. Once pulled, the horn will ring. The length of the belt is easy to adjust. You can say that automatic buckling is convenient, but like quartz watches and mechanical watches, automatic buckling is the quartz watches with belt boundaries. With the automatic buckle, a rush of Shanzhai breath will come. No matter how well you dress in suit or leather, you can destroy your whole body image instantly by using automatic button. And such belt, belt surface tooth wear faster, a belt can be used for about 3 months.

Okay, do you know the material of the belt?

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