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How can hardware fittings develop better?

After the reform and opening-up, the developed countries in Europe and the United States have shifted their universal products to developing countries because of the rapid development of production technology and the rising labor price, producing only products with high added value, while China has a strong market potential for hardware tools, so it is more advantageous to develop into a big exporter of five gold tools.

After more than 30 years of hard work, China's hardware industry has become a real hardware power. However, at present, China's hardware enterprises are still facing the transformation from hardware power to hardware power, and need to expand the wings of brand and industry regionalization.

Innovation Technology and Brand Is the Way to Powerful Hardware Fittings Industry

Due to the rapid development of hardware parts production technology and the impact of high labor costs, developed countries have accelerated the transfer of low and medium-grade products to the third world, producing only some high-value-added products.

In Europe and the United States, along with the design of building hardware products in developed countries, which are easy to install and maintain, doityourself products and tools are very popular in the market.

China's hardware export earns only 3% of the total export. It is not only a matter of technological content, but also a matter of brand.

Brand includes a lot of content, including service, reputation and so on. Credit is gold, and honest business is the fundamental way. If the hardware products we produce are sold under our own brand instead of sticking to other people's brand, and can also be sold at the same price as sticking to the brand, then our GDP will not know how many times.

At the same time, the involvement of large consortia is a key factor in expanding and strengthening China's hardware industry.

How to create a brand that matches the market of hardware fittings in China is a problem that we need to solve urgently.

With the entry of WTO, a large number of well-known international brands will also pour into China, which is what we often call wolf. There's nothing terrible about the wolf coming. The key is that we have a good shotgun to stop it.

The development of production and marketing in China's hardware industry must conform to the trend of internationalization at home and abroad, and promote the development of enterprises with new marketing to create international concepts.

Hardware products of our country have hardly any internationally recognized brands. Except for the first domestic enterprise to obtain the slideway and hinge of the home hardware industry, "China's well-known trademark" enterprise, there are still relatively few domestic well-known hardware enterprises.

It is believed that after a period of struggle, more and more brands of Chinese hardware products will be launched in the international arena.

Regional integration of market and industry is the need of development

One problem that can not be ignored is that our hardware fittings production enterprises should focus on national interests and never engage in unfair competition because of their own interests.

China has a vast territory, the conditions of economic development in different regions are quite different, and the hardware industry also has obvious regions, which is related to China's national conditions, but also the characteristics of China's hardware industry.

The Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta have become the fastest growing regions of China's economy. In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone has become the fastest growing region for foreign investment. In this situation, Jiangsu hardware industry has a huge advantage, which can be maintained and promoted through the expansion of the radiation hinterland.

For other domestic hardware industry bases, first of all, we should see that there is a lack of comparative knowledge and competition to develop, but the development of hardware industry belts will inevitably adhere to the benign competition among various industry belts, which will also be conducive to the strengthening of the vitality of the hardware industry and the acceleration of economic growth in various regions.

The market must be connected with local demand and industrial development. Hardware market is no exception. This is the need of the development of socialist market economy.

There are more than 10 billion US dollars of hardware products exported every year in China (excluding the mechanical and electrical products in the broad sense of hardware), but the real earnings are very small. This is a very noteworthy issue in China's hardware industry, and also a fundamental problem in China's hardware industry.

China's hardware manufacturers'original accumulation and wealth accumulation has not yet reached a certain level, so it will take a long time to expand and strengthen the hardware accessories industry, which is inevitable.

In the process of internationalization, we have to face the challenges. First of all, we should do our own thing well, build a good platform and integrate resources.

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