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How to make the buckle show a variety of surface texture?

In order to achieve the purpose of various styles and rich texture, craftsmen have created a variety of post-processing methods, so that the present belt buckles show a variety of surface texture, and appear very exquisite. Here are some common post-processing methods, so that consumers have some general understanding:

1. Laser: also known as laser lasers, is the use of laser to depict exquisite brand LOGO or texture patterns on the smooth buttons.

2. Wire-drawing texture: it is a kind of technology to make the surface of belt buckle have the texture of metal wire-drawing.

3. Color separation plating: the same part plating two colors, is to make the brand LOGO on the buckle of belt unlike the whole button plating color, so that the brand LOGO is more prominent;

4. Grinding: There is a layer of transparent organic compound (high hardness resin) on the whole or part of the button surface, often placing the brand logo in this transparent resin, so as to keep the brand LOGO bright;

5. Etching: through chemical corrosion on the surface of smooth buttons, etch clear brand LOGO or beautiful patterns, often used for surface treatment of stainless steel buttons;

6. UP logo: With the combination of electroplating and silk-printed anti-plating ink, an independent LOGO logo is plated, which is widely used in watches and handicraft products.

7. Insert drill: Insert a number of viscous drills on the surface of the fastener. Female buckles are widely used. It is noteworthy that the top-grade belt buckles are usually covered with transparent resin glue after drilling to prevent them from falling off.

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