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How to match the automatic buckle belt? What skills do you have?

Men's belt:

The belt is more important for decoration.

Men's belts are generally single, mostly leather, not too much decoration. When you wear a suit, you should wear a belt, while other clothes (such as sports and leisure clothes) can not be tied. In summer, when you only wear shirts and tie them into your pants, you should also wear a belt. Women's belts are rich in leather, knitted fabrics, other textiles, pure decorative occasions are more; styles are also varied. Summer is also a colorful season to show your belts! Let's take a look at what we should pay attention to when choosing a belt.

One is to coordinate with clothing, including clothing styles and colors, such as leather or textile belts with fewer patterns in suits and skirts, so as to match with the dignified style of clothing. If two or soft fabric skirts are worn, the choice of belts is larger; dark clothing should not be matched with light belts, unless it is necessary to correct the shape.

Secondly, it is necessary to match with body shape, such as being too thin and tall, you can use a more conspicuous belt to form a horizontal line, divide it and increase the horizontal width; if the upper body is long and the lower body is short, you can properly improve the belt to a more appropriate upper and lower body proportional line, resulting in a better visual effect; if the body is too short and fat, you should avoid using large and varied belt buckles (knots). And don't use a wide belt.

Third, we should coordinate with social occasions. In professional occasions, don't use too many belts to decorate, but to look neat and neat; when attending dinners and dances, belts can be more flashy.

Whether men or women, we must pay attention to: before going out to see if your belt is properly tied, belt is not "abnormal", in public or in front of others to move the belt is inappropriate; at meals, do not tighten the belt in public, so that it is neither polite nor elegant; if necessary, you can get up to the bathroom to tidy up, so as to meet a gentleman's standard. Accurate.

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