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What is the future of the chain?

Chains are basically labor-intensive products. Many developed countries have shifted to developing countries to produce, which brings new opportunities for China to expand its exports. Chain manufacturing capability is the decisive factor of chain manufacturing industry, and the core of chain manufacturing strength is the degree of chain manufacturing technology. The degree of chain manufacturing process largely depends on the degree of chain consumption professionalism. The strength of process equipment directly affects the consumption efficiency of chain manufacturing companies and the economic benefits of product quality.

In recent years, China's chain industry attaches great importance to the investment of hardware and equipment. Many chain enterprises have invested a lot of funds, manpower and material resources to implement the technological transformation project of mechanical and electrical integration of chain-using equipment. A number of chain-making equipment with high strength have been successfully developed and put into use. Its professional consumption efficiency is high, and its technological process is more reasonable. In the next step of the development of the chain industry in China, under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, we should accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic growth, improve the quality and efficiency of growth, take the development path of "high yield, high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution" with our own characteristics, and comprehensively strengthen the whole chain industry. Independent innovation and core competitiveness of industries and enterprises. It can be said that China's chain market is showing a "low-grade demand, middle-grade sweet, high-grade hope" development trend. Therefore, it is certain that the next five years will be the new growth period of chain industry in China.

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