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Electroplating process of belt buckle

Hardware belt buckles all need strong and durable characteristics, so special folding and stamping equipment is needed when forming bending. How can all kinds of belt buckles be electroplated uniformly in every detail? What is the plating process of belt buckle?

First of all, we can divide the electroplating into rolling and hanging.

1. Rolling power is used on products which do not require high appearance of hardware fastener products. The surface of the hardware products plated by it will not be very bright, there will be flower marks, of course, the cost of plating is also low. Chicken's eyes, nails, five-claw buttons and quick button bottom are generally electric rollers. Hanging electricity is used in products with high requirements for the appearance of hardware buttons, such as alloy buttons, Hardware needle buttons and hardware chains.

From the point of view of belt buckle safety and environmental protection, it can be divided into nickel plating and nickel-free plating.

2. Electroplating is to change color into film by chemical treatment and attach it to the surface of the product. If the "nickel" component is infiltrated into the electroplating process, it will lead to nickel plating, which does not meet the national environmental protection standards. If the "nickel" component is not infiltrated into the electroplating process, it will be nickel-free electroplating. Of course, nickel-free plating of hardware products also requires raw materials, such as raw materials itself contains "nickel" that can not be nickel-free plating.

Tips: Common plating colors of hardware accessories are bronze, black bronze, red bronze, nickel, dumb nickel, black nickel, light black nickel, dark black nickel, etc.

2. Spray paint (spray oil). In addition to adjustable any color, there are differences in brightness between glossy oil, semi-glossy oil and dumb oil. Spraying transparent oil, commonly known as spraying oil, is mainly for acid-proof treatment or surface protection. Oiling refers to rubbing off the protruding part of the surface after injection.

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