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The type choice of Dongguan belt buckle?

The change of belt tidal current is largely caused by hooks and buckles. The shape and size of the hooks also show the charm of men. Pure gold clasps are usually associated with noble words; copper clasps allow people to appreciate the masculinity and strength of men; broad "back" clasps fully reveal men's fortitude; oval clasps show men's maturity; square represents men's taste.

Common leather on the market with pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin, and Leisure Canvas belt. Belts of various textures show various styles due to different processing processes.

Pigskin and sheepskin, after stripping and layering, appear more soft; cowhide has a feeling of stiff body; crocodile*skin is a high-grade choice. The embossing and textural effects of the belt make it more attractive and characteristic. The abrasive belt wrapped with hemp rope perforation at the edge makes people feel fine beauty in rough and bold.

When choosing a belt, men usually don't hang too many items, considering the decorative nature of the belt. Because simplicity and competence are the characteristics of men. The length of the belt is between the first and second hems, and the width should be kept at three centimeters. If the belt is too narrow, it will lose the masculinity of men; if it is too wide, it is only suitable for casual, jean-style clothing.

1. The judgment of a man's belt is mainly based on hand feeling. Generally speaking, cowhide is divided into two layers, the scalp is soft, with the epidermis; the second layer does not have the epidermis, so it is usually pressed on a layer of artificial leather, so only the lower layer is the dermis, the upper layer is not the dermis. The leather belt in the scalp is soft and usually more expensive. The leather belt in the second layer feels harder.

2. Compared with the two-layer leather belt, the first-layer leather belt will have longer service life. The leather pressed manually in the second-layer leather belt will crack over a long period of time, and then the belt can no longer be used. Nowadays, belts with a price of 1000 RMB or more on the market are usually leather belts of the scalp.

3. Generally speaking, the belt buckles of business style are more concise, too flashy will appear very feminine, without business temperament. In European culture, business people are very low-key and implicit, but they will dress appropriately. Their primary concern is to wear comfortable clothes, and the color and material matching of clothes with shoes and belts are perfect. Therefore, the key to the style of the belt is how to match the style of the clothes.

4. In fact, the first impression in business is very important. A good quality, fashionable style belt can really reflect a person's taste, such as this year's more popular thin belt. However, in business occasions, it is better to choose a relatively safe, safe, moderate and simple black belt. In the evening, when attending Party with business partners, you can choose a slightly lively belt to highlight your personal style. Belt buckle.

5. Belt is a kind of consumable, which will be damaged if used for a long time. Usually as long as professional leather care agent can be wiped, can not use detergent containing strong alkali to wipe, it is the same as leather shoes, need to moisturize. In fact, the best way to maintain the belt is to spare a few more, such as black belt, brown belt, Beige belt and so on, for rotation, you can match different colors of pants. As long as the belt is often replaced, no special care is usually required. Buckle.

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